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Ресторан Трес Амигос

Cantina «Tres Amigos»

Friendly good company, national exotic dishes, the Mexican music – you think, all this is far away?! "Tres Amigos" with pleasure will prove you that it is not necessary to fly to other continent for
this atmosphere.
The interior of restaurant is made in national style: Chile pepper, cactuses, a sombrero, ethnic sculptures, a manual mosaic, convenient furniture and emotional Mexican melodies, in live execution. The sun as a symbol of Tres Amigos restaurant, immerses you in the atmosphere of the Mexican culture and cheerful mood.

We love children, and children love us!

You can come to us with children, we took care of little guests, we have equipped comfortable children's game zones. We can invite animators who will  entertain your children with interesting competitions and games, and actors with the trained animals will show the amusing program. Our cooks have made the special kids menu, there are not only classical dishes, but also traditional Mexican food, such as taco or quesadiya.

From Friday to Sunday evenings and also in holidays - for little guests who come with adults works nanny.

Real Mexican cuisine!

We are always glad to see admirers of a cheerful Mexican way of life with its bright paints and kitchen which is known for the original meat, vegetables, fruit dishes and very hot sauces which our chef with love will make especially for you. you will be able always to try the companies of Tres Amigos restaurant to taka, a sevicha, fahitas, kesadilia, or burrito.

And those who came to us on a visit the first time and he is not familiar with a variety of the menu – can try "Fiesta", a big tray, with the most known dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine, and further will be able to decide on the preferences in our menu.

We have the right "Margarita"!
Special attention is given to a wide choice of drinks, you can easily find your favorite cocktail or try something new. "Tres Amigos" recommends the famous "Margarita", we  will prepare a great famous drink, the taste of which you will not be able to find anywhere else, the preparation recipe and composition - this is our secret.

We have a wide range of rum and tequila. For example, a sauza in our restaurant is presented for all tastes: white, gold, conmemorative, hornitos, tresgenersenion ...

Come, bring family and friends, and we will arrange you a warm evening in the style of colorful and friendly Mexico.