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Ресторан Трес Амигос



Tender and melting donuts in the mouth from brewed dough, served with chocolate and banana sauce

130/50 g.

Nnatural hot chocolate according то the recipes of the ancient Maya

110 g.

300 RUB
360 RUB


Strawberry chimichanga


Crispy fried tortillas a filling of strawberry and ginger served with home whipped cream and chocolate sauce

240/50 g.

350 RUB

Fruit chimichanga

Ice Cream

Crispy fried tortillas with a filling of fresh fruit served with home whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

240/50 g.

Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio ice cream

40 g

350 RUB
80 RUB

Cream Catalana

Tres leches

Soufflé, cinnamon, sugar, lime peel, orange peel140 гр.

Biscuit, three milks, coffee curd cream

150/100/80 гр.

350 RUB
300 RUB

Chocolate cake

Enchanting fantasy with bitter chocolate and nuts

140 g.

350 RUB